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Indane Gas Connection

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Indane Gas Connection :

Indane gas is one of the largest gas providers not only to the domestic users but also for the commercial purposes. We can get indane gas connection through many processes. It can be booked online, by telephone and also through the sms facility. Certain indane gas connection rules are to be followed to get the connection. Indane gas connection transfer is also possible. Some of the processes for them are as follows:

  • Indane gas connection can be attained by visiting indane gas distributor. You can register yourself in your area indane gas distributor and have to follow indane gas connection rules. You need ration card, telephone bill, and electricity bill, address proof, passport, lic policy, house registration papers, employer’s certificate, voter id card, driving license and pan card.
  • Indane  gas connection will be complete by doing registration and a letter will come to intimate about it. This letter will carry a consumer id and indane gas connection rules.
  • Once you receive a letter you can visit nearest distributer along with the letter and avail connection. The rate of cylinder differs from state to state. It is in between 900/-Rs to 1200 /-Rs.
  • The indane distributor will give you a booklet called consumer card  after the indane gas connection ,which holds the detail information of the card holders and indane gas connection rules

Indane Gas Connection Transfer :

  • If you are shifting from your address and want to continue the same connection than a following process has to be followed which are mentioned in indane gas connection rules.
  • You have to give your new address with all the proofs as submitted earlier.
  • If indane gas connection transfer is in the same city or town than you can approach along with the subscription Voucher(SV).
  • You will be issued a new transfer termination voucher for the new place of your residence. You will be issued a new consumer id and booklet.

Indane Gas Connection Transfer :

If is taking place outside the city where you originally got the connection from than you have to give away the equipment like cylinder and pressure regulator.

Indane Gas Connection Transfer :

Paper will mention it, and you will be issued all the deposit that you had deposited at the time of registration and he will guide you to the nearest dealer at the new place.

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