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This site provides information regarding online booking of Indane gas and new gas conntections. We provide useful information on how to do online booking of indane gas.


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Indane Gas Agency

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Indane Gas Agency Functions :

  • Provides cooking gas
  • Contributes in women’s health improvement by replacing harmful smoky chulha
  • indane gas agency delivers gas cylinders at doorstep
  • Variation in cylinders
    1. 5 kg for hilly, inaccessible area and rural area
    2. 14.2 kg for urban domestic use
    3. 47.5 kg for industrial use
    4. 19 kg for commercial use
    5. For safety measures enhancement, it offers Stove Green Label, LPG Suraksha Hose and Aprons Flame Retardent

Indane Gas Agency Locator :

  • To know indane gas agency list, one can visit
  • Refer to Support column.
  • Here customer finds indane gas agency list, local agency’s contact number and indane gas agency locator.

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