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How to Check Indane Gas Booking Status Through SMS

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Indane Gas is one among largest suppliers of LPG in India. In 1970’s launching of indane LPG gas occurs in India. It brings with it a revolution in country as it sets free millions of households from chullahs, which were smoky and unhealthy too. It also plays a great part in making environment pollution free and clean. It makes cooking hassle free and very convenient. There are millions of Indane LPG gas users now in India. One of Indane LPG bottling and gas refilling plant is at Leh, which is located at more than 3500 meters height above sea level.

There are more than 5000 distributors of Indane Gas in all parts of India covering rural and urban areas. Indane Gas Offices controls sales of Indane LPG gas in various areas. They distribute millions of LPG Gas cylinders daily to their customers. Ministry of Petroleum provides guidelines under which Indane give new connection to any customer through one simple process. All you require for verification is one identity proof and fulfill all formalities, taking hardly no time they will install your gas connection. One of best proof of one’s identity is a Ration Card as it inform about your background hence is one complete proof.

Consumers are very satisfied with their prompt and no delay service. There is an ample stock of cylinders and supply of them is systematic for ensuring that no consumer deprives of a fill for them. Verification process of Indane Gas is thorough involving cross-check regarding requirement of applicant. They note down complaints of consumers and follow with immediate redressal. Once you become a registered consumer of Indane LPG Gas, you will now require booking a cylinder for yourself. There are some ways by, which you can book a cylinder, such as online booking, through IVR, through SMS or through a toll free number.

If you like to book a cylinder by going online, then you have to know their website address. Information regarding this they will provide you when you apply for a connection. After entering their website, switch to a new consumer page. Then choose your state, area, consumer name, distributor, E-mail Id and contact number. Click on a Submit button. This website will then direct you a Consumer Login webpage, where you as a consumer have to feed email, landline or mobile number and then click on login button. After logging in, there will appear some options for you to choose, such as booking, indane gas booking status, feedback, previous bookings and indane gas booking tracking.

You have to choose Indane gas refill booking option, then website will generate one reference number. This completes process of Indane LPG Gas online booking. If you like to book Indane Gas Refill through SMS, then type IOC along with your STD Code, phone number of distributor, then space and then type your consumer number. Then send this SMS to a number they provide you. You should first register your mobile number via IVR and after this only you can book gas cylinder through an SMS.

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